Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm creating the Harriman TV studio!

:::: Recently, after volunteering my services toward the design of the new TV studio in Harriman, I was formally hired to do the design and construction of all the technical aspects of the project. The studio is a joint venture by Roane State Commmunity College and the City of Harriman.

It will be a completely digital, state of the art facility featuring live production, video editing, and television graphics, as well as internet streaming, featuring the ability to play video "on-demand" for any internet user, via the Roane State College website.

In addition the new Comcast channel 15 will display local weather, sports scores, and a host of other items of interest to Roane County residents. Ultimately the channel coverage will be extended to reach 5 other nearby counties!

Work has already begun, off site, and some of the equipment is in place, being tested and added to every week.

We expect to be exhibiting a small presentation at the Harriman location during the Labor Day celebration on September 6th. Come out and see what we're up to!

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